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HR consulting & Recruitment

  • The ability to carry out a recruitment by direct approach cannot be decreed: it is essentially the result of the consultant's experience, his relational network and Global RH Link's specific research resources;


  • Our specialization and the importance of our networks ensure our reactivity in identifying the best profiles on the market,


  • Our consultants, true advisers, accompany you at all stages of recruitment (job definition, search methods, salary range, taking references, integration and follow-up of the candidate...);


  • As true partners, our consultants, radiate the values of your company and enhance your employer brand;


  • Whether you are looking for a single key individual or engaged in a multiple recruitment program;


  • Our goal is to put you in touch with the people who will help you achieve your goals and have a positive impact on your organization.

Regulatory affairs & Compliance

  • Development and implementation of analyses and tools to support the company's contractual strategy through its products, processes and projects;


  • Conducting projects for the development and industrialization of pharmaceutical specialties (Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Opiates, Vaccines);


  • Support during the marketing phases of pharmaceutical specialties;


  • Support in projects for the acquisition or transfer of rights or assets (license, product, site);


  • Implementation of analyses and tools to support the company in the implementation of its compliance program (RGPD, fight against corruption, duty of care);


  • Support for the training of these new tools.

Legal affairs

  • Advice on Regulatory Affairs;


  • Technical assistance (coordination, planning...), for preparation, filing and follow-up:
    MA application files according to national and European procedures.
    Folders of cohort ATU and nominative ATU and implementation of logistics;


  • Advice and / or implementation of services related to the operators;


  • Compliance: promotional information charter, advertising: DMOS and Transparency of links;


  • Regulatory watch and training of employees;


  • Relationship with Hospital Pharmacists (public markets, referencing of new molecules, etc.);


  • Implementation and maintenance of the Business Continuity Plan (BCP);


  • Complete creation of a pharmaceutical establishment with operator status and maintenance of the establishment;


  • Acting Responsible Pharmacist Section B.

Market Access & Pricing policy

  • Development and implementation of tools to support the pricing strategy and market access of health products;


  • Elaboration of analyses aimed at evaluating the economic weight of a disease in order to justify its price, evaluation of scientific and medico-economic arguments with regard to the expectations of health authorities, calculation of budgetary impacts;


  • Assistance in the evaluation of the target population (epidemiological data and potential market data), evaluation of needs not covered by the current indication of the health product, identification of opportunities for private (non-reimbursed) and public (reimbursed) markets in France and internationally;


  • Elaboration of the pricing strategy: optimization of the international launch sequence according to international pricing regulations, third-party pricing analysis (calculation of prices per country according to GDP per capita), definition of "price floors", implementation of price elasticity studies;


  • Analysis of health policies and assistance in negotiations with government authorities: mapping of competent government authorities in Europe and internationally, analysis of issues and decision criteria for payers.

Medical affairs - Clinical development

Medical Affairs Clinical Development 
  • Advice on the development of health products (therapeutic development strategy);


  • Expertise in the evaluation of pre-projects and scientific research;


  • Scientific and medical advice and assistance: review and co-validation of scientific publications, evaluation of the relevance of scientific information;


  • Support for external requests for information (medical mail, European medical information...).
  • Advice in the orientation of clinical development projects for new products, new indications and the support of already marketed products;


  • Support in ensuring the scientific and medical quality of development plans for the filing of marketing authorizations;


  • Support for clinical development projects;


  • Support for pharmacovigilance activities;


  • Advice in establishing and maintaining relationships with opinion leaders and health authorities in the context of scientific expertise;


  • Participation in scientific and medical congresses and workshops.

Strategy, Marketing & Sales

  • Define and implement your strategy according to your objectives;


  • Definition and development of innovative product or service offers;


  • Market studies, evaluation of opportunities for new technologies, (strategic, marketing and financial analysis);


  • Valorization of the company's assets: key messages, pitch, search for investors, communication strategy;


  • Strategic recommendations, marketing and sales strategy, communication strategy;


  • Strategy for the management of KOLs and Patient Associations;


  • Choice of resources to be implemented and financial scenarios, P&L optimization;


  • Optimization and follow-up of marketing, sales, promotion and training action plans;


  • Audit of Marketing & Sales departments, and proposal of new organizations;


  • Operational execution through the implementation of transversal projects.

Recruitment of boards experts in France & abroad

  • Selection of experts for the management of advisory boards;


  • Coordination of international experts and assessment of clinical and regulatory gaps;


  • Due diligence;


  • Program Manager Officer / coordination of R&D projects.


International development - Business development

  • Choice of adapted business models and marketing strategies in France and abroad;


  • Development of your business through targeted business development activities: licensing in and licensing out;


  • Responses to calls for tenders.

Coaching & Formation

  • Assistance in developing your leadership and corporate culture to stimulate and maximize potential. Having committed teams at your side to sustainably develop your business;


  • Improve your skills and overall performance :
For Leaders / Co-LeadersFor Directors and Managers / entire organization 
  • Create the human vision of your organization;


  • Strengthen your leadership;


  • Define a vision that engages your teams;


  • Define the culture, leadership and management you want for your organization;


  • Integrate in a sustainable way new responsibilities, a new organization;


  • Improve your interpersonal communication;


  • Gain in confidence, efficiency and organization;


  • Manage your stress with awareness;


  • To have a strategic and holistic space to take a step back.
  • Vision, leadership and culture: developing a corporate culture that is a vector of meaning and performance;


  • Develop cooperation and generate trust in your teams by building on your strengths;


  • Reinforce a culture of effective communication and facilitating cooperation;


  • Rely on the natural motivation of your teams.

Public affairs

  • Define and implement strategy in the field of Public Affairs: provide a systemic vision of health issues;


  • Support the Company in its knowledge of the institutional and political landscape of health at the national and international level;


  • Anticipate and decipher changes in the environment.

Partnership building & funding

  • Elaboration of the business plan at the creation;


  • Licensing and discussion of partnership agreements and patent assignments;


  • Fundraising and discussions with investment funds or business angels;


  • Assistance with recruitment and partnership strategy;


  • Organization of the company and optimization of expenses.

Personal data & information system

  • Information on the company's obligations under the General Data Protection Regulations and other provisions for the protection of personal data; 


  • Audit of the existing system and, in the framework of a progressive compliance, support on the implementation of appropriate measures: policy, procedures, tools, impact analysis and control rules for an effective protection of personal data and privacy of the persons concerned; 


  • Inventory and documentation, with the active contribution of the business divisions, of the processing of personal data, taking into account the risk associated with each of them in view of its nature, scope, context and purpose;


  • Support and expertise to the departments in charge of managing requests to exercise rights, claims and requests made by persons concerned by the processing operations;


  • Training.

Transitions managment

  • Helping to improve the company's performance: making the production tool profitable and managing low/high growth;


  • Recommendations to improve the social, human and managerial environment of the company;


  • Change management in an operational way and identification of the points of progress directly beneficial to your company.

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