20 years of industry experience at Merck Serono, Mylan SA, Sanofi Pasteur and in consulting agencies at Datamonitor Healthcare in London and Global Insight in Paris.

Contribution to pricing and reimbursement projects on the following issues:

– Assistance in the implementation of the European market access strategy for new vaccines against nosocomial diseases, influenza, meningitis, …
– Negotiation with the French health authorities for the inclusion of health products on the LPPR list , assistance in the identification of different market access strategies for medical devices (mandibular advancement orthesis in sleep apnea, breast implant, …).
– Assistance in the elaboration of the pricing strategy of a new vaccine against Dengue fever at the international level.
– Optimization of the launch sequence of new innovative drugs according to international reference prices
Implementation of price elasticity studies on the private market in Japan in the context of the launch of an innovative health product.

Temporary teacher Master IAE Lyon.

Master 2- Economics of Innovation – Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Grenoble.
MBA – Management of innovation- IAE Lyon.

Sandra McQuillan

Health Economics / Access Market / Pricing